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Hi! I'm Nicola!

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I'm Nicola, Mum to two wonderful children, Sophie and Dylan, and wife to my supportive husband David. Originally from the UK, we moved to Houston, Texas in March 2019 with David's job. As a full time mother, life can be pretty challenging at times, but after four years of not working, I decided explore more around my passion - sleep!

Why I Became a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

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I had no understanding of sleep deprivation until our son Dylan was born.  From 3 months of age, Dylan was co-sleeping with me and was waking every 45-60 minutes and would only be breastfed to sleep. I was exhausted and desperate for help! 

A Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant was recommended by a friend and as soon as I spoke to her, I couldn't wait to get started (although my husband was highly skeptical). I was at breaking point and couldn't carry on another night!

After the first night of the program, Dylan had slept longer than he had ever slept before. From Day 2 he was napping in his cot all by himself. I had more time to play with his sister, and my husband was blown away by the change. Come the end of the 2 week program, Dylan had fallen into an amazing night time routine, with two long naps during the day. I was amazed and felt like a new person.

Not only was Dylan sleeping better, his character also improved. Seemingly overnight, Dylan had gone from a child that could not be comforted, to a child that was happy and smiled so much more! Without doubt, the decision to hire a sleep consultant was the best present we could give him. 

Sharing my story with others made me realize lots of parents had a child that did not sleep, but few were reaching out for help. I wanted to be able to help them and that sparked my desire to  become a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. The Sleep Sense™ Method  allows me to develop a flexible plan which will support your child to become an independent sleeper.

I've been in your position and know how you are feeling. With my personal experience and willingness to help, I will be there with you through every step of the way. I am sure, like with many other families I have helped, you will be amazed how well your child starts to sleep. 

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Fancy a Chat?

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Not sure whether my services are right for you? Want to find out more information about how I can help with your situation? Then book a Free Sleep Assessment Call with me! I'd love to talk to you! Alternatively you can contact me by email via the link below and I'll be in touch soon.

Remember, if your children sleep well, then so will you.