Hi! I'm Nicola!

I'm Nicola, mum of two wonderful children, Sophie and Dylan, and wife to my supportive husband David. Originally from the UK, we moved to Houston, Texas in March 2019 with David's job. As a full time mother, life can be pretty challenging at times, but after four years of not working, I decided explore more around my passion - sleep!

Why I Became a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

When I became a new mum, looking back I can honestly say that I had it very easy with my daughter's sleeping habits. Sophie fell into an amazing routine very quickly, and was sleeping more than eight hours each night from around eight weeks old. Looking back at her sleeping pattern, and knowing what I know now, I realize that I did a lot of 'good' things for her which enabled her to become an independent sleeper very quickly. I didn't do anything 'on purpose', I just did what felt right.

I had no understanding of sleep deprivation until our son Dylan was born in 2017.  Dylan was born with medical complications which changed my approach, making me more 'hands on' when it came to feeds and sleep. When he was six months old, having recovered from major surgery, he still woke every 45-60 minutes throughout the night, and would only fall asleep by breastfeeding. He had been co-sleeping with me since he was 3 months old, and by 6 months old I was desperate for help. 

A certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant was recommended by a good friend and as soon as I spoke to her I couldn't wait to get started. By this stage, I was at breaking point and couldn't carry on another night!

After the first night of the program, Dylan had slept longer than he had ever slept before. By the end of day one, he was even starting to learn how to nap by himself too! By the end of week two, Dylan had fallen into an amazing night time routine, feeding twice during the night, and taking two long naps during the day. I was amazed and felt like a new person.

Dylan's character also changed for the better.  Seemingly overnight, Dylan had gone from a child that could not be comforted, to a child that was happy and smiled so much more! Without doubt, the decision to hire a sleep consultant was the best gift we could offer him; to fall sleep unaided for extended periods. I was so pleased and amazed by the experience, I openly shared my story with other Mum's, passing on the consultant's details to others that needed the support that I did.  It turns out, quite a few parents were in similar positions to me!

Following our move to America, with my children attending pre-school, I decided to inquire about becoming a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. Following in depth discussions with my husband and Sleep Sense  team, I decided to commit to the training and certification program.  

With my passion and dedication as a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, having been in your position too, I will guide you through the process with your child, as if they were my own, which will enable them to develop the skills they need to have long restful sleep. 

Fancy a Chat?

If you aren't sure if my services are right for you or if you want to find out more information about me and how I can help you please schedule a call! I'd love to talk to you! Always remember, if your children sleep better, then so do you. 

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