Mini Drifters - $275.00

The perfect package for families who want to help their new baby create healthy sleep habits right from the beginning.  You can't expect your new baby to sleep through the night so young, but you can encourage them to become an independent sleeper sooner than you probably think. 

A Preliminary Evaluation

This is a detailed questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our consultation. Every child is different so the more I find out about your child's current sleeping habits the easier it will be for me to prepare a detailed plan for them. 

A Private 60 Minute Consultation

During this phone/video call (or if you are local to me, a meeting in person) we will go through your baby's needs, what to expect regarding feeding and sleep, goals which we will aim for, expectations, and how to begin to teach you baby healthy sleep habits. 

A Customized Sleep Plan

As newborns are constantly changing, the plan I put together for you will cover the expectations and goals surrounding your child's age, what to expect as your baby gets older, and how to approach feeding, nap time, and bed time. 

Sleep Logs

I will ask you to provide me with sleep logs for your child so I can evaluate how everything is going. 

Follow Up Phone Calls

Together, we will schedule 3 follow up phone calls where we will address any issues and concerns you have and I will answer all your questions. These calls will usually last around 15-20 minutes and be spread out until your baby is 12 weeks old. 

Email Support

I will provide weekly email support for you until your baby is 12 weeks old. I am available Monday – Friday for support and will respond within 24 hours. 

I offer a discount for UK customers and  for multiple children so please get in touch for these rates.

In home consultations have a small additional charge based on location. 

I also offer half night and full night stays if that is something of interest. Please contact me for rates.

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